Jill Mathon grows up in her parent’s bar and already at an early age she discovers that a remarkable story hides in every person and occasion. When she turns 17, she leaves her hometown for Spain to study the Spanish language.  One year later she moves to Amsterdam to become who she is. And oh, to study Social Sciences.

Although she finds work more important than study, she continues her academic career with a master Forensic Orthopediatrics. After her internship as a behavioral scientist in a youth detention under hospital orders (jeugd TBS), combined with research about talent development between these walls, she decides to focus on the positive aspects of youth. A master in Youth & Media, as part of Communication Science, is her next step. She discovers her talent for writing during an internship at YoungWorks, a communication agency that focuses on youth culture.

Straight after her studies and with very little experience, Jill decides to take a shot at freelancing. She rediscovers the beauty behind the stories of her childhood and tries to give a voice to these extraordinary but often unknown characters.  She taught herself to blow up small stories and that is what she still does today.  From portraying people, writing noteworthy articles and making branded content to hyping events, creating campaigns and developing 360 degrees concepts. In every project, she tries to bring the right people together, offline and online. Whether it is on social media, a news platform or festivals. She truly believes that you only have to zoom in a little bit to discover the most beautiful stories. And if you can’t find them? Create them!

And by the way, isn't it strange that we always write our own bio in the third person?