Pineapple Paradise at Mysteryland

‘I want a giant pineapple on the water, made of balloons, wherein Kuenta Y Tambu, DJ Moortje and Trafassi building a tropical party. Oh, and every person that comes to Mysteryland should bring a pineapple to fill it up with a free Piña Colada in Pineapple Paradise.’ And so it happened. It even became a hype: 10.000 people brought pineapples, which attracted the attention of quite a number of major newspapers and magazines to write about it. Believe it or not: my pineapple concept was even adopted in Mysteryland USA.

Don't forget to check the aftermovie of Mysteryland 2014 to see my beautiful piece of fruit in full effect. 

Schermafbeelding 2016-11-01 om 00.05.25.png